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Title: Fulvia 2nd Series master cylinder bodies
Post by: ColinMarr on 14 June, 2018, 05:04:55 PM
My need for space as well as income prompts me to offer more of my own Fulvia parts for sale. I was pleased to sell one of my good-used master cylinder bodies earlier this year and I now want to sell the remaining two units. My advert then was: “This is from a collection of four used master cylinders that I bought in about 1995. I dismantled them all to select the best for a rebuild. In fact, three of them showed no discernible wear and were equally suitable for rebuilding. This is one of the three and has been protected with WD40 and dry-stored ever since. The bore is good and none of the threads are damaged – see photos. In advance of putting the body on eBay, I offer it to forum members for £80.00, including P&P in UK.”

The remaining grade-A, ready-to-use cylinder (as now photographed), is offered again for £80.00 inc. UK P&P.

The other less-perfect unit, which probably needs honing or sleeving is offered for £40.00 inc. UK P&P.

I also have two good reservoirs and some internal bits that I can include if wanted.