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Title: door/window seal
Post by: acalex on 24 December, 2017, 06:33:11 PM
A slightly bizarre thing to be looking at on Christmas eve, but there's only so much joy you can get from wrapping presents....

The issue is actually on my 1971 1600HF, but I assume its common to other Coupes. The car has been substantially rebuilt in the past.

The problem is that the LH door is very 'springy' or requires a good shove to shut, and this seems to be due to the positioning of the seal and its carrier on one side of the car, specifically where the front quarterlight butts against it. Its fine on the other side.

A visual indicates the front part of the seal/carrier is located differently, ie further out, on one side, hence the problem.

To try to prove this I'm looking to take the rubber out of the carrier, but am worried about how easy it is, or isn't, to get it back again into the twin V groove. The photo attached shows it clearly from below, although this is actually the rear section above the door lock area.

Have already tried the usual adjustments on the window and quarterlight frame.

Any hints or tips gratefully received!

A Happy Lancia Christmas to all.