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Title: Speedline wheels remanufactured
Post by: lancialulu on 14 December, 2017, 04:09:49 PM
Received from SL Corse:

I work for Speedline in the UK, and we have been actively trying to re-instate some Historic and Iconic Speedline wheels.


In this respect in early 2018, we will have access to the Speedline Type 2110 wheel with the following Lancia Delta Integrale fitment:


8 x 17, ET33, 5 x 98 (58.1 centre bore)


They will be £170.00 each (plus VAT), and available in Silver, White and Anthracite, with other colours available to Special Order (subject to MOQ’s).


I have attached pictures of the wheel in question for clarification (Picture 1 is of the wheel and Delta, Picture 2 is of the wheel design, but NOT the actual wheel in Delta fitment, so it will look slightly different due to offset etc.).


If you are interested in purchasing these wheels, or require any further information, please contact me directly at


Matthew Davies


SL Corse Ltd


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